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Van Beuningen room

A nostalgic and distinctive space with the necessary facilities for a successful event in Rotterdam: that's the Van Beuningen room in a nutshell. The space is located on the historic Olympia side, which means that your event for up to 300 people can be perfectly combined with the Van Zandvliet room or De Vereeniging.

  • Suitable for 55 to 300 people

  • It is the ideal environment for a reception, drinks or a party

  • Authentic atmosphere (historic building)

  • Free WiFi and modern audiovisual facilities

  • Parking at the door, public transport within walking distance

  • This can be combined with the Van Zandvliet room to increase capacity

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A variety of meetings

Because it can easily accommodate two to three hundred people, this elegant space is suitable for all kinds of meetings. What's more, from this space you can easily take a peak at the old ceremonial terrace of De Kuip with a fantastic view of the pitch. In the Van Beuningen room, you know one thing for sure: the drinks, party or meeting will create the right team spirit.

Inspiring space

The room bears the name of Daniel George van Beuningen. Without him, there would not be De Kuip at all. With his financial support, he helped to make the stadium a reality. So it's only logical that there's a Van Beuningen room on the Olympia side of the stadium. This original side is unique in Rotterdam and brings nostalgic feelings to many visitors. During an event, be inspired by the beautiful elements in the rooms.


Like every other room in De Kuip, this space can be fitted with custom furnishings to inspire your colleagues and/or guests even more. Also not unimportant: the room is equipped with free WiFi and is accessible to people with disabilities. The natural light on one side of the room keeps the group focused. Still looking for variety during the conference or party? How about getting a guided tour of the imposing Kuip then continuing the session with renewed inspiration? Of course, the meeting or brainstorm session can be combined with extensive culinary options.

Good accessibility

The stadium can be reached easily via the A16 motorway or by public transport. Guests can bypass long and narrow access roads and don’t have to worry about lack of parking space at the conference venue. De Kuip has 1,000 free parking spaces at the door - a luxury in a crowded city like Rotterdam.


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