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During the Kidstour through De Kuip you'll feel like a real Feyenoord player! For 90 minutes, armed with a Feyenoord key-cord, Feyenoord pen and tracking book, you'll be exploring the stadium's most special places. As a Kameraadje, you can even follow the Kidstour once for free.


The price includes a beverage, a snack and a discount coupon for the Fanshop.

  • Children (5-14): € 11 p.p. (excl. Kidsbox) / € 19.50 p.p. (incl. Kidsbox)
  • Adults (15+): € 15 p.p. (excl. lunch) / € 30 p.p. (incl. lunch)
  • Kameraadjes can participate once for free!
  • Free beverage in Brasserie De Kuip

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During the tour you’ll feel the tension of the match in the players’ tunnel, you’ll be on the edge of the best pitch in the Netherlands and you can sit in the press centre on the head coach’s seat. Meanwhile, the enthusiastic guide will give you the coolest information and stories about Feyenoord and De Kuip. If you pay close attention, you’ll hear the answers to the questions asked in the scavenger hunt booklet.


Day Tour starts Lunch starts
Wednesday 14:00 15:30
Saturday 12:00 13:30
Saturday 14:00 15:30

Good to know

  • Free beverage in Brasserie De Kuip is included with a Kidstour.

  • Visit Feyenoord's dressing room during a Kidstour.

  • Kameraadjes can take part in a Kidstour once for free!

  • A visit to the Feyenoord Museum is included in the Kidstour.

  • Adults can also join the Kidstour.

  • Prefer a tour with just your own group? Then we recommend the Children's Party.

  • A snack or meal before or after the tour? Then come to Brasserie De Kuip for a pastry or the Feyenoord Kidsbox. Here, you get fries, a hot snack, apple sauce and a nice Feyenoord gadget.

  • It may occasionally occur that certain locations are rented out or unavailable during a guided tour.

  • Are you or anyone in your group in a wheelchair? We then recommend the Disabled tour.

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