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Media guidelines

The following media guidelines have been drawn up by Stadium Feijenoord N.V. and only apply to photo and film recordings in the stadium.

Contact with Feijenoord Stadium
For filming in the stadium, you can submit your request via Feyenoord will assess whether your request relates to Feyenoord Rotterdam or Feijenoord Stadium. Clearly state your contact details so that your request can be processed. The media guidelines for Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. can be found on

Press releases
In principle, Feijenoord Stadium does not send out press releases. All newsworthy messages are communicated to the press and public via the website


1.1      Entrance to the stadium
Media representatives only have access to the stadium with permission and by appointment. If no appointment has been made and no permission has been granted, admission to the stadium is not permitted. A representative of the Feijenoord Stadium will accompany you to the stadium at all times. A fee of €26.50 per hour excl. VAT will be charged for the escort, with a minimum of 4 hours.

The escort;
- receives the crew at the reception area of the Maas building.
- guides the crew to the filming location agreed to in advance within the stadium.
- supervises the agreements made as long as the crew is in the stadium.
- is the first point of contact for the crew.

The escort is not authorised to give permission, but is only there for the purpose of escorting. The media representative must provide a filming schedule at least 24 hours before the day of filming and provide a contact person for the day of filming.

1.2      Filming in the stadium
For filming in the Stadium, the location(s) will be determined and set down in consultation with the staff. However, this is subject to reservations in De Kuip Meetings and Events, the training schedule of the Feyenoord team and regular (maintenance) work in the stadium. If a commercial reservation is submitted after the location(s) of the filming has been determined, the filming will be rescheduled. In the event that Feyenoord has a closed practice session and this conflicts with the location(s) of the filming, the filming will be rescheduled.

It is prohibited to speak to players, staff and employees of Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. or Stadium Feijenoord N.V., whether or not with recording equipment switched on, unless explicit permission has been granted by Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. or Stadium Feijenoord N.V.

1.3      Filming on the main pitch
Filming on the main pitch of the Feijenoord Stadium is not permitted. Entry to the main pitch is prohibited. If you enter the main pitch, the stadium's security staff will be obliged to ask you to leave the stadium. After permission has been granted, it is possible to film next to the main pitch, on the artificial grass strips.

1.4      Filming in the dressing room
Feyenoord's policy is not to allow films or photos to be taken in the team’s dressing room. In consultation with the staff, it is permitted to film in the guest dressing room.

1.5      Use of a drone

Stadium Feijenoord is located in a No Fly Zone. As a result, it is not permitted to fly a drone in, above and around the stadium, either privately or professionally.

1.6      Liability
The Feijenoord Stadium cannot be held liable for damage to recording equipment. Filming within the stadium is therefore entirely at your own risk.