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Technische Unie

For many, De Kuip is known as the stadium where football club Feyenoord plays their home games. But De Kuip is more than just a football stadium, as attested to by Kees Jan Reijm of Technische Unie, who organised its annual herring party at the iconic Rotterdam location. ‘Thanks also to De Kuip, our networking event was a great success
I often organise events, but at De Kuip it was really done very quickly’. Kees Jan Reijm, Technische Unie

Amazing view

When the clients and employees of Technische Unie arrived at the monumental Olympia side on this sunny Thursday evening in July, they couldn't believe their eyes. ‘The sun, shining through the stained-glass window, immediately created a super atmosphere,’ says Reijm. It goes without saying that the guests then walked en masse in the direction of the stands to take a good look at the stadium. ‘De Kuip and Feyenoord go hand in hand, that's what makes it so cool. This was certainly a special experience for the guests who had never been to the stadium’.

Networking opportunities

In the meantime, on the outer ring, the herring party, complete with food trucks and a band, awaited the hundreds of guests. Combined with a trade fair where several suppliers showed off their products, the Technische Unie provided the perfect networking possibilities. On the outer ring, as well as in the Vereeniging, there were several stalls. Of course, the herring was a must for this evening. ‘In the past our guests had to make do with herring and beer, but nowadays the choice is more extensive,’ Reijm continues. ‘There was even shaved ice’.

Bringing everyone together

The employees and suppliers of Technische Unie enjoyed the evening's festive gathering. The fact that De Kuip has over a thousand free parking spaces at the door was a nice bonus for the wholesale trade in technical installation materials. ‘I would also like to mention the staff's no-nonsense mentality. It was a perfect fit with a company like Technische Unie. The event was quickly arranged, thanks in part to the short lines of communication. We only met up twice. I often organise events, but in De Kuip things came together really quickly’. The result: a diverse and typically Rotterdam networking event with a festive touch in a 'magical' location.
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