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The starting point of the Zuid-Holland circle, in which several local banks will be working together, is how Rabobank describes its 'Dare2be1' event in De Kuip. More than 650 colleagues met this spring in the multifunctional stadium, where every nook and cranny was used.
The entourage was fantastic. De Kuip really has something magical. Heidi Leeuwangh, Rabobank


Heidi Leeuwangh, advisor for marketing, communication & cooperation, looks back on the event with great satisfaction. What were the important challenges on the way to this special evening? ‘First of all, the large number of people we brought with us,’ says Leeuwangh. ‘Of course, there's got to be room for them’. De Kuip offered a solution. Thanks in part to the seventeen different (breakout) rooms and other unique spaces, such as the stands and the lighting masts, there was enough room for every employee.
In addition, Leeuwangh praises the stadium's location and parking facilities. ‘The approach route was perfect, especially for the many employees who came via the A16 in the direction of Rotterdam. Once they arrived, parking was no problem at all, thanks to the many parking spaces right at the door’.

Varied programme

The programme in and around the stadium was very diverse. ‘Dare2be1' started in the Maas building, where a speaker inspired and motivated the guests. ‘The guests were given the information through headphones. It was actually a kind of silent disco,’ explains Leeuwangh. Warmed up and full of enthusiasm, the bank employees then headed off to their workshops. ‘Those present were divided into 28 groups, which then went off to all corners of the stadium. When they arrived, they were asked to respond to statements, so they could be classified depending on the work they do’.


This created a very dynamic event in De Kuip, where people danced in the Maas building, discussed in the dressing room, played football on the outer ring and even abseiled from a lighting mast. These were special activities in an exclusive environment, according to Leeuwangh. ‘The entourage was fantastic. De Kuip really has something magical’. This was demonstrated once again during the closing plenary session at the Business Seats, from where the attendees could see a large screen on the first ring and experienced a spectacular laser show. De Kuip made it possible for Rabobank employees to dare to be one.
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