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The fact that De Kuip is on the international map is evident from the many European football finals and concerts by world stars that have been organised in the stadium over the years. In December 2018, another (partly) international event was added: the end-of-year event by ING Belgium & ING Domestic Netherlands.
Last-minute changes could be implemented without any problems. At other locations, that seems to be more difficult. Jasper Schelfhout, Development Engineer Chapter Lead at ING Belgium
Although he’s not a football fan, the name ‘De Kuip’ did of course ring a bell with Jasper Schelfhout, Development Engineer Chapter Lead at the financial institution. ‘Like most of my colleagues, I had never been to the stadium before’. Together with the stadium organisation, he decided to use the second floor of the Maas building as a location for the event. The large number of rooms that can be used, either together or separately, was very easy for us’.

All the necessary space

In the Maas building, for example, there’s plenty of space for a team building day, complete with food and drinks. ‘We started the day with breakfast, after which some speeches and a creative joint activity were on the programme,’ explains Schelfhout. After lunch we resumed the programme with an escape room. I found the event to be a very positive experience’. Schelfhout gives a clear explanation of why - apart from the large number of rooms - the stadium was chosen. Rotterdam isn’t just fairly centrally located, the stadium is also easy to reach and has free parking’.


The experience with the organisers is perhaps even more important to the Belgians. Schelfhout, who had to set up such an event himself for the first time, was supported in all phases of the project by his colleagues (the Fun Squad) and the staff of De Kuip. ‘I was given a lot of help and a lot had been done in advance,’ says the ING employee, visibly pleased. ‘What’s more, I’ve noticed that De Kuip is very flexible. Last-minute changes could be implemented without any problems. At other locations it seems to be a bit more difficult to do that’.

Schelfhout and his colleagues from ING Belgium & ING Domestic Netherlands had a memorable end-of-year event in the stadium. The client now knows that De Kuip is suitable for any national or international event for numbers ranging from ten to 2,500 people.